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I believe...

together we can make a better tomorrow

The work I do promotes great ideas, services and products that actually help build the world I want to live in.

great work is worth everything

It's worth the time, effort and energy (not to mention your money) put into it, so I only do work I'm proud to put my name on.

in only working for people I like

Marketing requires a special kind of relationship, you know - where you like working for the person you’re marketing for.

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How I make great work...

by creating custom strategies that work

I'm not big on fad solutions. I create strategies that really address YOUR short and long term objectives - not just what’s trendy.

by being an expert in my field and hiring other experts

Whether it be marketing strategy, design, development or something else - I only hire people who know what the hell they're doing.

by marrying your target market needs with your business objectives

Instead of having them oppose each other, when it all works together everything works out better for everyone.

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What I do...

in short I help guide the creation of meaningful relationships between you and your customer or community

I use things like:

  • marketing strategy
  • graphic design
  • web development
  • search engine optimization and marketing
  • anything else we can think of

to help create and foster those relationships between the people who have the great idea or product (that’s you) with the people who really appreciate and use them (your customer).

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Free marketing advice... my 2¢ is better than most free advice.

Introducing the #mbnetwork

The Made Better Network

Excited to be introducing the #mbnetwork, a collection of awesome peeps that I highly recommend to help facilitate getting your great work out there.


Introducing “Ask April”

question mark in vintage letterpress type

I’ve created, “Ask April”, a place where you can submit your marketing questions to be answered, for free.


SEO Made Better is born!

SEO Made Better: Optimizing to be found, liked, and trusted by visitors on search engines

Super excited to be launching my first ebook, SEO Made Better: Optimizing to be Found, Liked, and Trusted by Visitors on Search Engines.


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